Orgahexa - Functions and Related Data

Ÿ Blood circulation-improving effect Ÿ

(1) Blood circulation-improving effect

Orgahexa can help alleviate physical disorders due to poor blood circulation by improving circulation.

Various studies show that people experienced enhanced blood flow when they used Orgahexa products. It is thought that Orgahexa's function to enhance blood circulation could help improve some medical disorders caused by poor blood circulation such as hyperlipemia, hypertension, and/or metabolic syndromes.

Measurement of blood flow by MC-FAN

Comparison of blood flows measured by MC-FAN with Orgahexa and cotton sheets (Dr. Takeshi Kurihara, Tokyo Women's Medical University)

Method of testing:
Double crossover test. Subjects lied on the bed for 30 minutes. Blood sample of each subject was taken before and after lying on the bed.

‘ In case of using Orgahexa sheets
Subject Before lying on the bed (sec.) After lying on the bed (sec.)
1 106.8 88.0
2 85.1 78.1
3 89.3 72.7
Mean Value } SE 93.7 } 9.4 79.5 } 6.3

‘ In case of using cotton sheets
Subject Before lying on the bed (sec.) After lying on the bed (sec.)
1 83.6 86.5
2 82.0 84.3
3 76.4 79.8
Mean Value } SE 80.7 } 3.1 83.5 } 2.8


In case of using Orgahexa, improved red cell fluidity, decreased platelet aggregation, and less leukocyte adherence were found in the MC-FAN images taken after lying on the bed with 100ƒΚm of blood passing through the micro channel when compared with images taken before lying on the bed.

[Before lying on the bed]                                     [After lying on the bed]
before after
*MC-FAN(Micro Channel Array Flow Analyzer) is a device to measure blood fluidity by using microscopic images of blood cell status and blood flow time needed for certain amount of blood passing through the micro channel with a width of 7ƒΚm

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(2) Far-infrared radiation effect

Orgahexa can achieve superb "thermal insulation" by releasing "far-infrared" radiation.

An ideal blackbody is a theoretical object that can emit 100% of electromagnetic waves of any wavelength, thus achieves most effective electromagnetic radiation.
As "Orgahexa" has a luminance curve of infrared emission similar to that of an ideal blackbody, it can be an object that emits infrared radiation in a very effective manner.
It is known that 8 - 14ƒΚm of infrared wavelength has the greatest effect on human body in terms of warming up our body. This range of wavelength is approximate to the infrared wavelength emitted from the human body (9 - 12ƒΚm), therefore molecules inside the human body resonate with it and generate heats, and thus our body becomes warmed up.
Orgahexa emits infrared radiation with its peak wavelength of 8ƒΚm. This means it is highly effective in warming up our body.

Thermal insulation effect of far-infrared radiation

The result of studying the impact of Orgahexa on changes in surface temperature detected by a thermographic device (Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute)


The body surface temperature increased about 1.2Ž from 33.1Ž to 34.3Ž, when measured 30 minutes after lying on the Orgahexa sheet placed on a bed pad.

Orgahexa has stronger far-infrared radiation in every wavelength than Bincho charcoal-added fiber.

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(3) Effect on reducing stress

With Orgahexa, suppression of the level of salivary Chromogranin A that is secreted by stimulation of autonomic nerve system and improvements of various disorders have been reported.

In case of using Orgahexa in beddings, it was found that the level of salivary chromogranin A secretion, which is regarded as a mental stress indicator/marker, was significantly reduced. It was also reported that Orgahexa played a significant role in improving some subjective symptoms, especially those of "insomnia" and a "cold constitution". It is thought that Orgahexa's effect on reducing stress can help suppress excessive activities of sympathetic nervous and adrenal systems and thus lead to improvement of various disorders and regaining a sense of being healthy.

Measurement of stress markers in saliva

Clinical application of plant carbon fiber as a complementary medicine for climacteric unidentified complaints (Osaka Medical College, Obstetrics & Gynecology department, Dr. Naohisa Ushiroyama et al)

Method of testing:
Orgahexa was used as bedding for 7days and subjective complaints of each subject were expressed numerically by using VAS (Visual Analog Scale). Chromogranine A in saliva was measured as an objective stress marker before and after the use of Orgahexa.

‘ Changes in salivary chromogranins A concentration with / without improved symptoms

Mean concentration value of chromogranine A in saliva significantly decreased, 34.7% less than those measured before using Orgahexa.

‘ Symptoms that subjects felt improved and the ratio of improvement

Subjective improvements of symptoms were found in 74% of the subjects (54/73).

Significant improvements were experienced especially by subjects with insomnia and a cold constitution.

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(4) Antifungal, antibacterial / disinfectant effects

Orgahexa shows a high level of "antimicrobial power" with the enhanced "antifungal and antibacterial" functions of charcoal.

Generally, antiseptic effect can be assessed by measuring the size of an inhibition circle. When antiseptic agent is placed on germs (microorganisms) cultured in a petri dish, a circular zone appears around the antiseptic agent due to dead germs (inhibition circle). The size of this circle shows the bactericidal efficacy of the agent.

When measuring antiseptic effects of Orgahexa against eleven different strains, antiseptic effects were shown on various strains including MRSA, a problematic bacterium that causes healthcare-associated infections. Orgahexa also showed antiseptic effect on both Gram-positive and negative bacteria, therefore it can be assumed that Orgahexa has as strong antibacterial and antiseptic effects as antibiotic drugs have.

With enhanced antibacterial effect of charcoal, Orgahexa has been found to have not only antibacterial effect on germs including healthcare-associated bacteria but also have antifungal effect.

Disinfectant and Antibacterial Effect

‘ Antibacterial effect of Orgahexa (Transcription method, KAKEN)

Changes in viable count
Immediately after
18 hours later
Orgahexa Standard cloth
Staphylococcus aureus 20,000 600 or less 7.7 million
Pneumobacillus 16,000 600 or less 28 million
MRSA 20,000 600 or less 8 million
Bacillus coli 17,000 600 or less 27million
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 18,000 600 or less 29million
Viable count was measured 18 hours after seeding.
Orgahexa was found to have antibacterial effect.
(Example) Staphylococcus aureus: 20,000 immediately after seeding ¨ Reduced to 600 in case of Orgahexa, while increased to 7.7 million in case of the standard cloth

‘ Antifungal effect of Orgahexa (Japan Food Research Laboratories)

Changes in viable count
Immediately after
18 hours later
Orgahexa Standard cloth
Candida 36,000 Approx. 20 98,000
Trichophyton 33,000 Approx. 20 77,000
Orgahexa was found to have antifungal effect on Candida and Trichophyton.
(Example) Trichophyton: 33,000 immediately after seeding ¨ Reduced to about 20 in case of Orgahexa.

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(5) Effective in deodorizing / absorbing harmful substances

Orgahexa shows an excellent "deodorizing / absorbing effect on harmful substances" with the enhanced "absorptive" function of charcoal.

There are many tiny pores on the surface of Orgahexa (porousness). These pores are proven to effectively absorb micro molecules of various harmful substances. Among various materials, Bincho charcoal is well known to have the absorptive function with its porous property. However, 1g of Orgahexa has a huge surface area that is equivalent to 4 tennis courts, 4 to 5 times larger than that of Bincho charcoal, which means Orgahexa has the great power to absorb harmful substances

Effect of deodorizing and absorbing harmful substances / Effect of moisture control

‘ Deodorizing effect of Orgahexa (KAKEN)
Sample: 10cm x 10cm / Receptacle: 5L, Amount of Gas:3L Deodorizing effect
of Orgahexa
(After 2 hours)
Odor Component Characteristics of Odor Deodorization Rate
Ammonia (100ppm) Toilet or urine odor 99% or more
Nonenal gas Distinctive body odor in older people 95%
Acetic acid gas (50ppm) Acetic acid: Pungent fermentation odor 96%
Acetaldehyde (14ppm) Odor that causes a bad breath. Generated with alcohol degradation inside body. 51%
Pyridine (12ppm) Irritating odor caused by smoking, etc 97% or more
Trimethylamine (28ppm) Odor of rotten fish 99% or more
Methylmercaptan (80ppm) Odor of rotten onions 99% or more
Hydrogen sulfide (40ppm) Odor of rotten eggs 99% or more
Formaldehyde (5ppm) Pungent odor. Cause of Sick House Syndrome 98% or more


Orgahexa has an effect to eliminating odor from harmful substances

‘ Moisture Control Effec

Orgahexa Bincho Charcoal
Raw material Cellulosic fiber Ubame Oak (Quercus phillyraeoides) (8 year old)
Surface area Approx.1,300‡u/g
(Area of 4 tennis courts)
(Area of 1 tennis court)
This test was conducted by using nitrogen instead of water vapor. (KAKEN)