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Our Mission

In Japan, it has long been said that charcoal is good for our body. People say " I feel good" or "it makes me relaxed", but they are just personal testimonials handed down from old times without scientific evidence.

ORGAHEXA Inc. has objectively probed such a " mythical tradition" of charcoal. Although "Internal-Investigation" is often the case, we didn't rely on such a method, but with the help of various official institutions rigorously investigated and verified its effects. Some may say we have been too honest, but we are proud of having made great efforts to deliver real value to our customers rather than aggressively promoting and marketing products with little substance.

To put it simply, Orgahexa's effects are to "make people's daily life more comfortable by utilizing efficacy of charcoal". For all the people including those who suffer from poor blood circulation or have trouble with odor, bacteria or dampness, Orgahexa can offer remedies to make their daily lives more comfortable.

Our 100% pure plant carbon fiber "Orgahexa" looks like a simple tiny black piece of fabric, but in fact, it is "ultimate carbon fiber with enhanced efficacy of charcoal". It actually has incredible power within it. We continue to devote ourselves to make Orgahexa become part of people's daily lives around the world.

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Company Outline

Address: [Head Office] mouri Building 4F, 2-14-5, kojima, taitou-ku, Tokyo
President: Hiroaki Watarai
Founded on: June, 2010
Fields of
Production and Sales of plant carbon fiber
Sales of TSM Systems, and others.
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President: Hiroaki Watarai
After having experienced in marketing and sales in fabric industry, Watarai entered into Orgahexa business. As a person who is devoted to and understands features and potentials of Orgahexa best, he is now busily engaged in this business with joy and a sense of satisfaction. "By just looking at 'ORGAHEXA' logo, people around the world can immediately sense that this product must be good for our health!" - That is one of the company's goals to achieve.

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Development of Orgahexa

Conference / Research Papers Concerning Orgahexa

EThe 81st Kanto Regional Meeting of Japanese Society for Bacteriology

(June 28, 1999`June 30, 1999j

EThe 26th Annual Meeting of Carbon Society of Japan

(Dec.1, 1999`Dec.3, 1999)

EPublished a research paper in the 28th Journal of The Society for Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents

(May, 2000)

EThe 33rd Meeting of the Japan Society of Neuroradiology

(Feb.5, 2004`Feb.7, 2004j

E2003 Osaka Regional Congress of Japan Association of Obstetricians & Gynecologists

(Mar.13, 2004)

EThe 10th General Meeting of Japanese Society for Endovascular Intervention

(Jun.28, 2004`Jun.29, 2004)

EThe 30th Cornea Conference of Japan Cornea Society

(Feb.9, 2006`Feb.11, 2006)

EThe 50th Annual Scientific Meeting of Japan College of Rheumatology

(Apr.23, 2006`Apr.26, 2006)

EApr.2006 Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

iARVOj 2006@(Apr.30, 2006`May.4, 2006j

EThe 31st General Meeting of Japanese Society of Lymphology

(Jun.8, 2007`Jun.10, 2007)

Assays conducted by official institutions

Antibacterial Test (Dec.2006), Antifungal Test (Dec.2006)

Conducted by: Japan Food Research Laboratories

Antibacterial Test (Aug. 2006), Antifungal Test (Sep. 2009), Evaluation Test for Gas Removal Efficiency (Aug. 2006, Jan. 2008), Assessment of contact hot/cold feeling temperatures (May 2007, Oct. 2007), Measurement of exothermic temperatures during moisture absorption (Jun. 2007), Evaluation of far infrared radiation (Jul. 2006, May 2007)

Conducted by: JSTIIF KAKEN

Evaluation of far infrared radiation (Jan. 2007, Mar. 2007, Jul.2007), Scanning electron microscope examinations (Jan. 2007), Transmission electron microscopic observation (Jan. 2007)

Conducted by: Japan Fine Ceramics Center

Dissolution test (Nov. 2006), Analysis of dissolution test sample (Jan.2007), Elemental analysis (Jan. 2007, Apr. 2007, Jun. 2007), Measurements of specific surface and pore volume (Jan. 2007, Jun.2007), Thermal analysis (Jan. 2007, Jun. 2007)

Conducted by: Sumika Chemical Analysis Service

Elemental analysis using SIMS (Jun. 2008)

Conducted by: University of Toyama, Faculty of Medicine

Evaluation of electromagnetic wave blocking effects (Jan. 2007)

Conducted by: NTT Advanced Technology

Inflammability test (Mar. 2007), Thermal insulation test (Jul. 2007, Aug.2008)

Conducted by: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

Skin irritation study (Jul. 2006)

Conducted by: Japanese Society for Cutaneous Health

Clinical testing conducted under the leadership of doctors

Dry Eye Double Blind Test of Orgahexa Eye Mask (Dec. 2005 - Apr. 2006) Keio University School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology
Foot Ringworm Open study of insole (Jul. 2007 - Aug. 2007) Toranomon Medical Office (Tokyo)
Joint Pain Open study of Orgahexa Warmer (Jul. 2007 - Sep. 2007) WADA CLINIC (Orthopedics) (Tokyo)
Tension Headache Double Blind Crossover Test of Orgahexa Sheet (Jun. 2007 - ) Tsukamoto Neurosurgical Clinic (Toyama)
Dry Mouth Open study of Orgahexa Sheet (May 2007 - Oct. 2007) Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine

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